03 March 2003

My 25th birthday party was great... as The Boy said, we partied like rockstars. Centro-Fly is a very fun place to begin with - especially the tap-dancing senior citizen doing his thing on the main floor all night long! - but beyond that... we had reserved lounge space, private waitress, comped admission, guest list, drink tickets, a bottle of Skyy... it was niiiiice. The Boy put together an amazing birthday party. I had a wonderful time with a small, random, yet thoroughly fabulous group of people.

And today - my really-truly birthday? Well, I'm at work, in the new office. But it was nice to have a commute shorter by fifteen minutes, I hooked up my computer all by myselfs (my recent spate of technical prowess is amazing, no?), unpacking was relatively uneventful, and I hope very hard this will all work out well!

Why else Saturday night was important!

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