28 February 2003

Monday I turn 25. Monday I start working in a different office. Monday I start working again with the people I haven't worked with in two years. So, essentially, Monday I become old, and Monday I have to start convincing people of that fact - when I don't want it to be true! How ironic, or something.

Sorry, I'm just not in a very philosophic (philosophical?) mood this morning. I spent yesterday morning literally throwing all my shit into moving boxes, because a giant snowstorm was predicted for today, and I had a job interview yesterday afternoon. So yesterday was a big frantic emotional stressful rush. And today is Le Giant Anticlimax.

Birthdays are like that, too, I think. Just like New Year's Eve and family holidays and all those other things that culturally have that Huge Life Event rap and somehow never live up to them. Mentally, they're big shiny balloons... but really the balloon goes pppphhhhlllllltttt and you're just left with a wrinkly bit of rubber with some spit on it.

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